Akon New Songs 2013 – Top 10 Hits Albums List

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Akon New Albums  Songs 2013 List

Akon Biography – The actual name of akon is a long one and he uses just his surname as the popular one. Talking of the biography of the singer, akon was born in the year 1973 on the 16th of April. He was born in the western part of Africa in a country named Senegal. This country is not very famous throughout the world. His mother was a dancer and thus he had the background of music in his house though they were not the wealthy ones of the country. He was sent to jail for three years and it was there that he was able to recognize his talent. He has been a great singer since many years and basically he gave his best recordings in the year 2004. The first release b y this singer was Discovery and Trouble. From the time that akon has started singing songs the best of his presentations have been Konvict Muzic.

Akon New Album Songs 2013 List

List of Top 10 Akon Songs 2013

After this album, akon became very successful and since then he has been climbing the steps of success. Some of the excellent songs by akon have been “Smack that” and also “I wanna”. Other albums like Freedom and Stadium were released soon and it became something to turn the destiny of this singer.

1.  Smack That
2.  Right Now (Na Na Na)
3.  Beautiful
4.  No More You
5.  Chammak Challo
6.  sexy bitch
7.  I Wanna F**k You
8.  One Day At A Time
9.  Sorry, Blame It On Me
10. Lonely

Akon New Album 2013

These songs made him popular not only in United States of America but also the whole of the world. In the listings of the various top singers, he has been rated at the first place and not only this in hot 100 of the Billboard, he has been rated at the position number one and also at the position number two. This has happened first time ever that any singer got these many places. After being a successful singer, he became more interested into music and he also started to do various other related tasks. He is also a businessman and he not only sings the songs but also writes them and thus has a big business. He brings the best deal to all the fans that he has. The list of awards for akon has been very long ever since he started with his carrier. He has received a total of as many as 5 Grammy awards. This has been a great achievement of his life and this is something that he also feels proud about. This singer has been superb with all the songs that he has sung. He has also been listed in the Forbes at the position of 80 amongst all the celebrities who have earned a lot in their carrier. In the list of the people from Africa, Akon has been listed at position number 5.

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