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List of Top 10 David Guetta Albums Songs 2013

David Guetta, world’s most famous and extremely popular DJ and singer, was born on 7th November, 1967 in Paris, France. He is a big sensation n the world of music these days and is highly popular amongst the youngsters. His songs have brought a revolution in the world of music with their creativity. He is not only known for his amazing raps and mesmerizing voice that will leave you dancing to the tunes, but he is also known for his skills as a DJ with which he actually started his career. He has given many hits which were rated number one on many charts for a long time. The songs hat are mixed by David Guetta are frequently played on the DJ floors in discs and pubs as they make you groove to their beats. David Guetta started his career in singing later.

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He started his ain career as a DJ and got very inspired by the French house. He became one of the most popular DJs in the world in a matter of few years. He established his career on his own and made his dream come true. He became a rapper and a hip hop singer in his early years of DJ career. He collaborated with many singers and productions to make better music and rock the people with his pop numbers. Later on, when he got established with his DJ career, he founded the productions names as the Gum Productions under which he launched many songs that became instant hits and were rated number one on many charts.

Top 10 David Guetta New Songs 2013 List

1.  Club Can’t Handle Me
2.  When Love Takes Over
3.  One Love – David Guetta Top Songs
4.  Without You – David Guetta Best Songs
5.  It’s The Way You Love Me
6.  Titanium – David Guetta New Songs 2013
7.  I Can Only Imagine
8.  People Come People Go
9.  Love Don’t Let Me Go
10. Everytime We Touch

The album from this pop singer David Guetta named as “Just A Little More Love” released by the Virgin Records became very hit and millions of copies of this song album were sold all over the world. This rapper and hip hop singer is praised by every single youth on this planet for his instant hits and rocking numbers. This pop singer has made a revolution in the world of music by creating such a music that makes everyone groove to the rhythm of these songs. David Guetta has also collaborated with many associations and singers to provide better mix for their songs. Many songs from this DJ and singer have been listed as top 100 songs on the famous Billboard charts. David Guetta songs under the album Pop Life created a sensation not only in UK, Ireland and Europe, but also in many other parts of the world.

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