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Pop Music or Pop Songs – Did the radio just hit off an old ‘pop’ melody and take you down memory lane? You have to admit that when it comes to music; ‘Pop’ is one such genre which appeals with the entire youth, in fact it relates with almost every generation that has passed by so far. ‘Pop’ and its distinctive styles have encompassed the likes of plenty especially the younger teen generation who simply love their ‘boy bands’ and sole ‘Pop’ artists, if you remember Miley Cyrus in her portrayal of Hannah Montana, the hit teen series then you’ll understand what the teenagers love out there.

Top 10 Pop Music 2013 list – New Pop Songs Artists

About Pop Music: Think about the famous pop artists who’ve laid down foundations in the field of music, especially artists like ‘Michael Jackson’ and ‘Madonna’ known as the King and Queen of pop music. This genre came in origin back in the 1960’s, which was specifically branched out of rock n roll.

List of Pop Music | New Pop Songs 2013 | Top 10 Pop Music Artists

Here is a list of pop music featuring the sub genres that come under:

1.       Baroque Pop
2.       Bubblegum Pop
3.       Christian Pop
4.       Dance Pop
5.       Alternative Pop
6.       Pop Rock
7.       Traditional Pop
8.       Country Pop
9.       Indie Pop
10.      Soundtrack
11.      Techno Pop
12.      Euro Pop
13.      Power Pop
14.      Synch Pop
15.      Teen Pop

List of Pop Music Artists

Here is another list of pop music artists of all times:

These pop musicians have made history over generations and left behind them footprints which today every other musician tries to cover. Pop certainly has brought forth a wide spectrum of fluidity in music where, teen sensations like ‘Britney Spears’ made their debut as some of the most astounding and influential artists of those times.

1.    Michael Jackson
2.    Madonna
3.    Pet Shop Boys
4.    Simon and Garfunkel
5.    Robbie Williams
6.    Eagles
7.    Whitney Houston
8.    Prince
9.    Billy Joel
10.   ABBA
11.   Beach Boys
12.   Janet Jackson
13.   Britney Spears
14.   Beyonce
15.   Mariah Carey
16.   Stevie Wonder
17.   Barbra Streisand
18.   Frank Sinatra
19.   Elton John
20.   Beatles
21.   Fleetwood Mac
22.   Miley Cyrus
23.   Jonas Brothers
24.   One Direction
25.   Selena Gomez
26.   Avril Lavigne
27.   David Bowie
28.   Duran Duran
29.   Rod Stewart
30.   Bruno Mars
31.   The Script
32.   Justin Bieber
33.   Adele
34.   Celion Dion
35.   One Republic
36.   Kylie Minogue
37.   Diana Ross
38.   Dionne Warwick
39.   Cher
40.   Cyndi Lauper
41.   Leona Lewis
42.   Lady Gaga
43.   Jason Miraz
44.   Katy Perry
45.   Vanessa Ann Hudgens
46.   Lindsay Lohan
47.   Kelly Clarkson
48.   Lily Allen
49.   Pussycat Dolls
50.   Sara Bareilles
51.   Colbie Colbert
52.   David Archuleta
53.   Selena Gomez
54.   Rihanna
55.   Frank Ocean
56.   Ed Sheeran
57.   Skrillex
58.   Lana Del Rey
59.   Karmin
60.   Michael Kiwanuka

It is one genre which encompasses almost every other style in its wrap. Dance, folk, rock, country etc feature pop in their melodies, hence tuned with electric guitars, drums, piano set and a bass are technically the instruments which persist in every pop track. Hence this list of free pop music and top pop songs and pop music charts list will be updates regularly as generations pass by.

Here is a List of the Latest Pop Songs Artists:

1.    Ed Sheeran
2.    Frank Ocean
3.    Lana Del Roy
4.    Skrillex
5.    Cher Lloyd
6.    Carmin
7.    ASAP Rocky
8.    Gotype
9.    Bruno Mars
10.   T-Mills

You can pitch in for this latest list of top pop music artists where songs and artists will be displayed according to your preferences. This list of pop songs should be enough to keep you updated about the history of pop music as well as its continuation in the eras that come by. So stay tuned in for the newest list of new pop music 2013 list.

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