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The full name of S. Janaki is Sishta Sreeramamurthy Janaki is one of the most respected and renowned playback singers. The key feature about his voice was the modulation. She was very successful in producing very good voice modulation. As a result, her voice became very unique and she became very popular. The versatility of S. Janaki can be acknowledged from the very fact that she has been able to sing songs in almost all the major languages of India including Telegu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada and last but not the least Hindi. Her career lasted for about 50 years and in these 50 years, the awards that were won by this great lady are numerous. She was successful in winning four National awards for being the best playback singer. Not only this, she has also won 31 other different states awards for being the best singer. It is believed that S. Janaki has sung more than 20000 songs in her entire career which is quite commendable to say the least. She used to sing with two other legends namely S.P. Balasubhramanyam and Ilaiyaaraja. This trio was considered to be the strongest musical combination throughout the Southern India. Janaki rejects award, says she deserves Bharat Ratna.

List of S. Janaki Songs | Top Telugu Songs | New Tamil Songs 2013

Top S. Janaki Telugu Songs List

Vayasanta Mudupugatti Vastantale Adukundaam
Dil Mein Ho Tum Aankhon Mein Tum Bolo Tumhe Kaise Chaahoon
Thanuvu Manavu
Piliche Kuhu Kuhu
Yae Paadal Ondru
Nirantharamu Vasnathamule

Also, referred to as the Nightingale of Southern India, S. Janaki was born in the year 1938, dated 13 April. Her father was a doctor but she was more interested towards music and thus, she began to perform at an early age. She was three years old when she first gave her performance. She debuted as a singer at an age of 19. Her singing career started as a singer in the Tamil movies. Sooner she was able to make her mark in the Tamil film industry. Soon as she developed as the singer, she moved into the Telegu film industry and there also she achieved success. The song “Singara velane deva” from the Telegu flick, MLA, made her overnight star. Her popularity increased by leaps and bounds and music directors from across India came to sign her as the lead singer for their films. She is capable of singing all kinds of songs. She also contributed her voice for most of the Indian films too. She sang along with Asha Bhosle and Lata Mangeshkar.

List of S. Janaki songs

Yaar Bina Chain Kahare
Aaja Sanam Meri Baahon Mein Aa
Jeevan Se Pyaara Hame
Tu Hai Raja Mai Hu Rani

Out of all the collection of songs sung by S. Janaki in her entire life, the list includes some of her gems which are known to everyone and are still cherished. These songs are perfect for a wedding day. In order to make that day more charismatic, it is these songs which should be chosen by the individuals. Each song is unique in itself revealing the sweet voice of this great singer. All songs are widely used during wedding ceremonies nowadays.

S. Janaki New Tamil Songs 2013 List

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If one is looking to make his or her wedding day more and more auspicious, then it is advisable that he should include all the major songs of S. Janaki. The list contains all the major songs which are competent enough to set the mood of any wedding party. These songs are more popular in the southern region because of the amount of work done by S. Janaki in the south. Most of the southern wedding makes use of these songs during their traditional functions and also in weddings. This list will be updated from time to time with more fresh tracks of S. Janaki. It is also suggested that you should also be aware of the S. Janaki latest songs coming in the market and should always consult this list for more songs of this great artist.

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